SHJ Parish Prayer Warriors

If you like the immediate notification of a text message, you can configure your Mail app to notify you every time an email from SHJ Parish Prayer Warriors arrives.  To configure:

Open your Mail app and find a recent email from SHJ Parish Prayer Warriors.

Click the From: address to open the contact record.


Click Add to VIP.

Click Done.


 Add to VIP big
If VIP alerts are not enabled on your phone, go to your Mailboxes page and click on Edit.  Edit

If the VIP option is not checked, check it.

Click Done.

 Enable VIP
Click the VIP Info icon. VIP Info
Click on VIP Alerts. VIP Alerts

Tailor your VIP setting to your liking.  If you're not sure of the settings, just match the image shown.

Click < Mail to return to your mailboxes.


You will now get a VIP Alert popup each time an email from SHJ Parish Prayer Warriors arrives.

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Philippians 4:6